Welcome to the new Obscure Transformers Website, where the future is shiny and the past is often vaguely ill-defined. As before - and forever more - this is a site devoted to the unseen, the unknown, and the unwanted of the Transformers universe.

7/11/2011 - All UK Toy Fair catalogs are online now, as is the 1985 Brazil Toy Fair catalog and the 1985 US Pre-Toy Fair catalog. The United Kingdom "Optimus Prime is Back" promo flier and the BotCon 2002 Beast Wars bio postcards went up at, uh, some point in the past two years.

2/6/2009 - The 1993 UK Pre-Toy Fair catalog is now online.

12/25/2008 - All German Toy Fair catalogs are now up. The 1995 UK Toy Fair catalog is up as well. The Other Files section is no longer a dead link.

11/20/2008 - Today marks the laying of the foundation. Not a whole lot works, except for the German 2000 and 2001 Toy Fair catalogs. But it's a start, no?