The Obscure Transformers WEBSITE!


Welcome to the Obscure Transformers Website. 


This site is devoted to the unseen, the unknown, and the unwanted of the Transformers universe. Here you will find a plethora of Transformers who appeared in only ONE continuity, either the cartoon, the UK comics or the US comics. 


Your hosts for this site will be the indescribable Jhiaxus and the unstoppable Monzo. Jhiaxus is the man writing most of the words, Monzo is the guy capping most of the TV show pictures.


If you see this badge, then Monzo is in charge of that section of the site!If you see this badge, then Jhiaxus is in charge of that section of the site!To tell who is in charge of a certain section of the website, just take a look at these little 'maintainer badges', they will appear on the  main page of any of the site's subsections. If the badge has a grumpy-looking Jhiaxus stalking off into the distance then it's maintained by... you guessed it... Jhiaxus. If the badge has a big fat wrestler in red pants, then it's managed by Monzo. (Also look out for text in purple to indicate comments by someone other than the page's usuallly maintainer.




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